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Star Residency is a decent budget hotel located in Ramanathapuram. Hotel provides basic facilities for it's guests.
It is well connected to all the major places of the city.
Hotel Star Residency offers it's guest with a homely and heavenly atmosphere in Ramanathapuram.

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Ramanathapuram is one of the major tourist places of Tamil Nadu. The town is near two prime religious pilgrims of the state, Rameshwaram and Devipatnam. The district is surrounded by Sivaganga District on the north, Pudukkottai District on the northeast, the Palk Strait on the east, Gulf of Mannar on the south, Thoothukudi District on the west, and by Virudhunagar District on the northwest. Ramanathapuram includes the Indian portion of Rama's Bridge or the Rama Sethu. Prior to independence, the district was called as Ramnad but it was renamed as Ramanathapuram in 1910. The main tourist attraction in Ramanathapuram is the Raj Palace, which is till date occupied by the Sethupaty Raja and his family. The family is no longer in power but has achieved phenomenal success in community service.